Construction Contractor

Unknown-3Construction contractors are always on the move from site to site. Under the contractor’s arm or on the dashboard of their truck are building plans, receipts, contracts, inspection reports and a variety of other important documents. Keeping on top of business in an industry where the job is always changing and includes several smaller sub-contractors and businesses (that are often irregular with their communication and paperwork procedures) is a monumental task.

MaxxDocs can help simplify the job of constructing a complete paper trail. Documents can be scanned into MaxxDocs where they are secure and easy to find. At a glance it is possible to find the latest purchase order and corresponding invoice and share it via email. Building and site plans can be called up at a moment’s notice and contracts can be safely secured.

Construction projects can be challenging; managing the documents shouldn’t be. Make life easier with MaxxDocs.


✓ Improved productivity

 Simultaneous access to the same document by multiple users


 Reduce the cost of paper storage

 Reduction in copying and printing costs

 Reduce shipping costs

 Improved customer service

 Greater document security

 Improved record keeping

 Business continuity

✓ Regulatory compliance

✓ “Green” technology