Unknown-2The accounting department has been plagued by monotonous and labor intensive shuffling of papers for long enough. Expensive and wasteful, paper can virtually be eliminated from the accounting processes with MaxxDocs.

Incoming purchase orders, invoices, proof of delivery, statements, memos and other documents can easily be stored and indexed in MaxxDocs from MFP or a desktop scanner. Outgoing documents can likewise be scanned or electronic copies can be sent to MaxxDocs using the auto capture folder or the Print to MaxxDocs utility. As a result, accounting clerks can pull up client or order information in seconds to review and process an account. For instance, payment may not be made until the proof of delivery document is shown in the supplier’s folder.

MaxxDocs also makes it easy to answer customer questions and requests, improving customer service. If a client has questions about their invoice, the customer service representative can call up an image of their invoice while on the phone and even email another copy to the client as they are speaking. There is no need to call the client back while the documents are sought in the paper file. With MaxxDocs, all the information any employee needs is right at their fingertips.


✓ Improved productivity

 Simultaneous access to the same document by multiple users


 Reduce the cost of paper storage

 Reduction in copying and printing costs

 Reduce shipping costs

 Improved customer service

 Greater document security

 Improved record keeping

 Business continuity

✓ Regulatory compliance

✓ “Green” technology