MaxxConverter EDMS Migration
Are you currently held hostage by a proprietary imaging system and need to migrate to an open source platform?
We can help. MaxxVault engineers streamline the document conversion process for you with the MaxxConverter EDMS migration tool. MaxxConverter takes documents out of proprietary systems for import into a replacement solution, complete with images and index field data.

If you haven’t decided on a replacement system, be comforted in knowing MaxxVault engineers have been involved with implementing and supporting systems such as OpenText, FileNet, as well as many other vendors for several years now. Perhaps you are reviewing options such as Microsoft Sharepoint or MaxxVault Enterprise or even a cloud solution such as MaxxVault ASP. Our trained engineers can provide project management for a turn-key solution that is right for you.

Fully-Auditable Migration
Regardless of how long your current EDM system has been in place, or the number of documents and processes, MaxxConvert will conduct a thorough audit of your content for you, so you can rest assured all documents will be accounted for.

To discover how we can help you migrate to an easier, scalable and supportable solution, tell us about your current system:

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✓ Improved productivity

 Simultaneous access to the same document by multiple users


 Reduce the cost of paper storage

 Reduction in copying and printing costs

 Reduce shipping costs

 Improved customer service

 Greater document security

 Improved record keeping

 Business continuity

✓ Regulatory compliance

✓ “Green” technology

✓  External Database Lookups

✓  Document Routing