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All the Benefits of Paper Without the Expense
The benefit of paper and much of the reason people are still printing so much paper, is that it can be marked up with notes and highlights. MaxxDocs takes care of this with our markup tools. Users can apply highlights of any color, draw lines and arrows and even free-hand draw on the documents. They can even zoom in and out to review details and fine print. Text boxes can be applied to provide additional information to communicate with others who may access the document. In addition, redactions can be applied to hide sensitive information.


✓ Improved productivity

 Simultaneous access to the same document by multiple users


 Reduce the cost of paper storage

 Reduction in copying and printing costs

 Reduce shipping costs

 Improved customer service

 Greater document security

 Improved record keeping

 Business continuity

✓ Regulatory compliance

✓ “Green” technology