Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does MaxxDocs provide any workflow features?
No. MaxxVault Enterprise and MaxxCloud come with advanced workflow and business process automation features. MaxxDocs does have a simple routing tool called MaxxFlow that is include in versions 6.5 and later.
Read more about MaxxVault Workflow features here.

2. Does MaxxDocs support AD and LDAP?
No. AD and LDAP is supported in MaxxVault Enterprise and MaxxCloud.

3. Does MaxxDocs provide E-signatures?
No. This feature is offered in MaxxVault Enterprise and MaxxCloud. MaxxDocs does come with a password protected bitmap signature markup option.

4. Does MaxxDocs provide stamp tools?
Yes. Version 6.5 comes with stamps as well as other basic annotation and document mark-up tools.

5. Does MaxxDocs offer drag-and-drop?
Yes. Familiar drag-and-drop functions are supported in MaxxDocs 6.5.

6. Does MaxxDocs support a browser interface?
Yes. MaxxDocs 6.5 comes with one Private MaxxCloud web server license. Chrome, Firefox and Safari versions that are less than 24 months old from current date. Support for Internet Explorer versions 9-11. Recent support added for Microsoft Edge Browser.

7. What if I  need more users that go beyond the 30 named user subscription package. What will that annual subscription cost me?
A custom annual quote will be to be provided by MaxxVault LLC staff.

8. How are bug fixes handled? Are they deducted from my eligible support hours?
Development fixes are not deducted from your hours. That is covered under the subscription portion of the contract. 70% of the value of your contract is allocated towards subscription.

9. Can I get support if I don’t buy the annual subscription package?
No, you need to have an active subscription package. All MaxxDocs software purchased by through are dealer channel have direct support with that dealer so please check with your dealer of record for support rules and options. The MaxxDocs product will discontinue working if an annual subscription plan is not purchased.

10. Can I get updates to the software if I don’t purchase the annual subscription?
No. MaxxDocs will not run without a valid annual subscription.

11. Do I need to have a Domain Controller to run MaxxDocs?
No, but it is recommended for systems larger than 10 named users.

12. Do I really need to purchase a server on which to run MaxxDocs?
No. You can install MaxxDocs on a PC that can act as the MaxxDocs server. We still recommend at least 4 GB of ram on the machine. We do not recommend installing MaxxDocs or any of our products on the Domain Server.

13. Does MaxxDocs support barcode splitting and bursting?
Yes. MaxxDocs supports barcode splitting and bursting of large documents as part of the scanning and import process.

14. Does MaxxDocs support reading a barcode to populate an index field?
Yes. MaxxDocs interprets barcode information and places it into the appropriate index field for that document.
Read more about it here.

15. Does MaxxDocs come with OCR?
Yes, MaxxDocs 6.5 ships with an entry-level OCR engine.

16. Can MaxxDocs link documents?
No. Document linking is provided in MaxxVault and MaxxCloud.

17. Does MaxxDocs provide Microsoft Office Add-Ins?
No. Microsoft Office integration is offered in MaxxVault Enterprise and MaxxCloud. The “Print to MaxxDocs” function stores and indexes documents from MS Word and Excel.

18. Does MaxxDocs provide Microsoft Outlook Add-In integration?
No. MS Outlook integration is supported via Add-Ins with MaxxVault Enterprise and MaxxCloud. The “Print to MaxxDocs” function will store and index documents from MS Outlook

19. Does MaxxDocs provide any version control features?
No. Version Control features are supported in MaxxVault and MaxxCloud.

20. Does MaxxDocs support database lookups?
Yes. MaxxDocs versions sold after September 15th, 2015 come with external lookup capabilities. Additional setup services by MaxxVault or your dealer or record will be required. Existing MaxxDocs clients would have to purchase this feature.

21. What Operating Systems does MaxxDocs currently support for their desktop client?MaxxDocs supports Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate, Windows 8.0 and 8.1 Professional and Enterprise, Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise. Can you merge a file in MaxxDocs? Yes document merging is supported. When documents are merged, any annotations and document mark-ups are merged as well.

23. Can you store Microsoft office files in MaxxDocs?
Yes, but they are launched in their native application to view.

24. Does MaxxDocs Web server support TLS (Transport Layer Security)?
Yes. Purchase of proper TLS web server certificates will be required.

25. Is there a limit on the number of named users that may be used as part of a MaxxDocs annual subscription?
No. Starting with up to 15 named users, you can a purchase as many named user licenses as you need beyond the 2 subscription models listed on the website.

26. Does MaxxDocs offer full-text searching?
Yes. Using OCRVault level 1, scanned documents may be found by searching the contant of all documents in the MaxxDocs repository. Using phrases, words or parts of words, the entire text of all documents is searched to find documents based on information that may not appear in the index fields.

27. Does MaxxDocs support Sharp OSA?
Yes. Versions 4.0 and 4.5.

28. Does MaxxDocs support Kyocera HyPAS?
Yes, MaxxDocs supports any Kyocera HyPAS versions released after April 1st, 2014.

29. Does MaxxDocs support stand-alone scanners?
Yes. MaxxDocs supports virtually any scanner via TWAIN and Kofax interfaces.

30. Does MaxxDocs work with MaxxEditor?
Yes. MaxxEditor needs to be purchased for each named user. MaxxEditor is an advanced image and PDF collaboration tool.

31. Can MaxxDocs support large amounts of documents?
MaxxDocs can manage repositories of 250,000 to 1 million documents but the client will need to be using a full version Microsoft SQL Standard or Enterprise Edition. Document storage volume is hardware dependent. MS SQL Express is a great free database option for clients that manage less the 250,000 documents.

32. What is the minimum amount of RAM recommended to run a MaxxDocs desktop client?
We recommend 4 GB of RAM for a regular desktop user and 6 GB for a production scan / MaxxEditor user.
All of the Hardware and Software Requirements can be found here to learn more.

33. Does MaxxDocs provide any records retention features?
No. MaxxVault Enterprise and MaxxCloud offer records retention and document lifecycle features.
Read more about it here.

34. What is the MaxxFlow feature in MaxxDocs?
MaxxDocs versions sold after September 15th, 2015 come with MaxxFlow. MaxxFlow is a simple document routing tool that can help streamline a document process. It is not an enterprise Workflow Automation solution but it will allow for structured document routing based on a user or document type. Additional setup services by MaxxVault or your dealer or record will be required. Existing MaxxDocs clients would have to purchase this feature.

35. What versions of MS SQL does MaxxDocs Support?
MaxxDocs supports SQL 2008, SQL 2012, SQL 2014, and SQL 2016. SQL Express can be used for smaller client installs.

36. Is the subscription option a permanent license?
Answer: No. It’s a license to use the MaxxDocs product for a 12 month period. The product subscription would need to be renewed each year in order to continue using the product?

37.  What if I need a bigger system then 15 named users and I want to use the subscription pricing model. How much would it be?
Answer: The annual subscription pricing is calculated based on a percentage of what the purchase price option would be for the desired configuration.

38.  How many remote support hours are included in with the subscription option?
Answer: 3 hours per annual subscription term. Additional hours could be purchased if required.

39. Are free upgrades included in the subscription service?
Answer: Clients will have access to download any new released versions of MaxxDocs but installation charges would need to be quoted if services are done by MaxxVault staff or MaxxVault Reseller partners.

40. If we decide to stop using MaxxDocs subscription service how hard is it to export our documents into another system?
Answer: All the documents we store in MaxxDocs are kept in their original format with a file path and index information stored in the SQL database. A 3rd party company can easily build a script to import the documents and index data into another system. No markup or auditing information would be carried over. MaxxVault LLC can also be hired to help import the data into another solution.

41. What are some of the other MaxxDocs pricing options?
Answer: OCRVault Level 2 Per Named User Per Year $100
MaxxConnect License Per Device Per Year $100
Additional Per Call Phone and/or Web Meeting Support $100
Additional Remote Installation Services Per Hour $150


✓ Improved productivity

 Simultaneous access to the same document by multiple users


 Reduce the cost of paper storage

 Reduction in copying and printing costs

 Reduce shipping costs

 Improved customer service

 Greater document security

 Improved record keeping

 Business continuity

✓ Regulatory compliance

✓ “Green” technology

✓  External Database Lookups

✓  Document Routing